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We had already made a purchase at player-gt by buying a GPS for ourselves. Recently, we decided to buy our father a brand new car radio as a gift for his birthday. We wanted to express our opinion about the services of player gt, because we were very satisfied with our first purchase experience.

Buy from player-gt.nl for a new experience of satisfaction

Our second purchase from player-gt.nl was just as pleasant as our first. We had the same joyful feeling when ordering a car radio, as when we had bought a GPS before. We contacted their customer service again to make our choice, and we were satisfied with the quality of their service. In summary, we were completely satisfied with our buying experience at player-gt.nl.

We are not sure which model to choose, but the items are well organized and easy to find by model and brand. We decided to get our father, who had never used a GPS before, a car radio with a touch screen that seemed to have all the functions he needed.

We are not particularly price sensitive, but the prices are comparable to other websites similar to this one. However, we can take advantage of free shipping and a five euro discount on review player-gt.nl, two benefits that made a significant difference.

If the item does not suit us, we have 30 days to return it. We are also reassured because I’m not sure our father appreciates GPS navigation. However, we will not delay our order because we can get a refund.

Before proceeding, we decided to inquire about the ease of use of the product with their customer service. Within a day, we received a response in which they provided more information than we had requested. The Android TV interface has also been updated, as well as a number of other Android devices, such as the car radio.

Player-gt.nl Review: Smooth and fast shipping 

We were able to ship the car radio to our address so that we could install it ourselves, and we have to say that we were surprised by the speed with which it was delivered. Given the current circumstances, it is important to note that the free delivery took only four days.

We were delighted to discover that the item had been carefully packaged and was in excellent condition when we received it. We were so surprised by its quality that we almost wanted to keep it for ourselves.

A week after our dad’s birthday, he gave us a great review of his brand new car radio. We think that since our dad has a GPS car radio, it passed the test. It seems to be quite social and offers many customization choices. Our father is really pleased with the accuracy and sound quality of the GPS.

Although he has continued to use paper navigation maps, we think he has discovered a new way to get around in his car. He uses the device to explore, listen to music and call us in an emergency.

He can more easily stop and retrace his steps thanks to his cloaking camera. We can see that player-gt.nl will have a positive reputation and even the elderly or students will have no problem approaching such a display.

He followed the installation instructions precisely and managed to install the car radio in less than 30 minutes without encountering any particular problems. With this installation, you can now access the internet on your car radio using your smartphone or tablet connection.

In summary

Player-gt.nl is a great site that offers high quality products with fast and free delivery. We can’t ask for anything more. We will not hesitate to recommend this site to others. We plan to buy a car radio similar to the one we gave to our father soon.

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