Baseball Betting Odds Explained

If you love betting on sports either to make fun or make money,

 there is no better time than to make a bet on baseball game today. The 2012 Major Baseball League or also known as MLB has been started last March 28 in Tokyo and still running runs through this summer up to the playoffs and World Series in October. Baseball betting is popular to many sports gamblers because of several reasons;  it is lot easier to handicap as compared to other games, bettors have a lot of opportunities to bet on their favorite teams  horse race malaysia as it consists of numerous games, it is considered as lucrative game and so much more. In fact, this sport game is now seen as a religious past time in United States and to some part of the world.Unlike with other sports game, when it comes to baseball betting odds, it is a bit different. Baseball is based on a moneyline sports meaning there is no point spread involved and all you need to do is to predict which team will win the game, that’s it.Normally, you will see a baseball betting odds at many sportsbook like thisLos Angeles Dodgers Penny +115San Diego Padres Peavy -135In the money line bet, if your pick team wins the game, you also win your bet and get paid off right away. On the above illustration, it shows that the Los Angers Dodgers Penny is the Underdog team since it has a positive symbol before the number while the San Diego Padres Peavy is considered the favorite team as it represented by a negative number. If for example, you would like to bet on favorite, then you have to place $135 to make a profit of $100 when you win. But if you choose to bet on underdog, then you have to bet $100 in able to profit $115. The more you have to bet on the favorite to win $100, the better the perceived chances that the favorite is going to win the game.Another difference with baseball betting odds is the listed pitcher vs. action option. For an action money line bet, the bet stands regardless of the starting pitcher. While for a listed pitcher bet, if a starting pitcher is changed the bet is called off and deemed “no action”. Most bettors list pitchers in baseball betting odds while some others opt with action. Keep in mind that 95% of the time the listed pitchers start the game, and it is very uncommon when pitchers are changed on the baseball betting odds board.Hopefully you now understand with all your mind the baseball betting odds. Don’t give a second thought! This is the perfect moment to bet and win! Have a great season baseball betting!

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