Bloating After Eating – How to Relieve Abdominal Distention When Eating Healthy Foods Causes Gas

With bloating after eating, you have the sensation of swelling and tightness in the stomach and/or intestines. Your pants may feel tighter and you may have pain accompanied with gas after eating.

Most often the reaction is to consider that you have eaten something that didn’t agree with you and then try to avoid those foods. That may work for the short term; however, bloating after eating can be a sign of other digestive problems. Now, if this is the case, then often the complaint becomes, “I bloat up even after eating healthy foods.”

For many, the simplest cause of abdominal distention is swallowing air when you eat or drink. We all swallow some air when eating, but those who gulp air in are more likely to be just eating too fast. The gas that you swallow expands when warmed up to body temperature and causes pain as it passes through the intestines.

To solve this you would slow down when eating. Chew your food and relax or not tense up. Don’t eat when you are upset. Drinking through a straw eliminates gulping air in when drinking.

Another cause of bloating after eating is not having enough hydrochloric acid for digestion or having low stomach acid. Your doctor can test for this and may then have you take a hydrochloric acid supplement with your meals.

Another cause is over eating. When you over eat you stretch out the stomach and it doesn’t have the room it needs to contract and work the stomach contents for digestion. Smaller, more frequent meals is the solution to this cause.

Intestinal gas can be from the waste given off by the unhealthy bacteria living on undigested food in the intestinal tract. If your food is not fully digested, it is a breading ground for unhealthy bacteria. Many times the bloating after eating is caused by both swallowed air and gases from undigested food. Just so you know, swallowed air doesn’t have a bad odor when passed.

The goal is to have an efficient digestive system. Efficiency means that you have the nutrients, enzymes and digestive secretions present to be able to digest your food well. You see, if your food is well digested, there is nothing left for the unhealthy bacteria to feed and live on. They die off and you have no gas.

To keep digestion efficient, smaller meals are needed. This allows for enough mobility of the digestive tract to do its work. Too much food stretches everything out and mobility is limited. But, smaller meals help in another way too…

Smaller more frequent meals also reduces the demand on the digestive juices and enzymes. A lower demand of digestive secretions means your food is more likely to be more fully digested because the demand can be met.

Healthy eating plays a role in good digestive health. But, it can also be a bit of a problem when it comes to bloating after eating. Let me explain…

Eating healthy provides all the nutrients most of us need to maintain a healthy  먹튀검증커뮤니티 digestive tract. But good healthy nutritious food is also feeding that bad bacteria in the gut. The unhealthy bacteria thrive and give off gases, which cause you pain. One may give up healthy eating because of the phenomenon.

That would be a mistake because without a healthy diet, your digestion and overall health would surely suffer.

The solution is to eat well and in a way to kill off the bad bacteria in your gut. As I explained, smaller meals would leave less undigested food for them to live on. That’s your first step. Eat smaller more frequent meals.

The second is to eat foods that would kill them off. Acidophilus or probiotics are healthy bacteria your digestive tract needs to function properly. These probiotics will kill off the unhealthy bacteria. You can get probiotics from yogurt. It should contain live active cultures and be organic.

Organic yogurt is the only one you should eat. The only exception would be to make it yourself. Genetically altered food is not permitted in organics. That means that the bacterial culture in the organic yogurt cannot be from genetic engineering.


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