Book Writing Template – Using Case Studies to Create a Powerful Manuscript

Writing a book can be a challenge especially for new authors, they often don’t have the confidence to believe that the world will take them serious as a professional. They often procrastinate writing and therefore causing themselves even further reason for doubting their competence.

So how can a new professional create doubtless confidence and perceived competence? Easy write a book that eliminates paper writing service reddit all doubt to the reader. In fact a great story can even create a career that empowers the author with the ability to charge top dollar for their services based purely on the success of their writing.

Begin by identifying the some of the most challenging issues professionals in your field face. Than identify if they are issues in which you are competent in, then begin collecting Case Studies, that’s right study your field in depth and seek out the best case studies from those who have achieved excellent results.

Then go talk to the experts who achieved these results get their feedback, and even let them know that your collecting stories in a book for the niche or industry. Once you have the issues, and case studies then you need to add your own comments to each case. In this section of each story don’t be shy, if you would have done things better say so, if the expert actually screwed up mention this (professionally) find ways to identify your expertise.

ALWAYS be respectful to the expert but don’t be afraid to share your opinion, otherwise you will not be able to demonstrate your competence which is one of the reasons for writing this type of book.


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