It frequently happens that people first try out shared proxies because they’re cheap. Once they find out that those proxies don’t work well enough, they migrate to private IPs. Or maybe Buy Elite Proxies need a consistent identity, which shared rotating proxies couldn’t provide. A few years ago, private proxies were big for social media account management precisely for this reason; now, they’re being phased out by mobile IPs.

The private proxies here give an unmetered bandwidth of about 1 Gbps which is impeccable. SSL private proxies have pretty decent piecing and they give what they charge for. Their excellent customer support is surely the thing to go for. You can choose a minimum of 1 IP and a 40 GB plan which starts at $500.6 per month.

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Depending on the amount of mobile data you need, you can pay $60 per month for two gigabytes of data, or $1530 for 85 gigabytes. Their packages start from $45 and go all the way to $4000, and they also offer bigger custom packages to suit any level of demand. If you want to get a better feel of all the benefits, you can opt for this network with a three-day money-back option. 195 proxy locations are powered by city-level targeting. We do not allow our proxies to be used for illegal activities online such as hacking and spamming. See our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for a complete list of prohibited activities.

If you’re unhappy with what you get, the provider lets you adjust the addresses until they work as needed. You can otherwise accomplish most tasks yourself using the provided dashboard. That’s because most residential proxies belong to real devices which can’t be dedicated to one user. One of the most common reasons these days that people use a private proxy is for brand protection, SEO, market research, and data scraping in general.

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That’s why we tested and ranked five great private proxy providers to help you pick the best one for your needs. The infrastructure we utilize is designed never to fail. We use enterprise-grade hardware, data centers with a strong history of uptime, we employ talent and leverage industry experts.


And, well, that makes it a shared proxy because it’s nearly impossible that you will be the only one using it. Dedicated private proxies are used by many businesses around the world for data collection and analysis purposes. Sometimes, a dedicated proxy is an IP that is dedicated to a particular task, which might be SEO or social media growth.


The prices for the Datacenter proxies depend on the number of IPs and the bandwidth or traffic that you choose. You can choose as low as 1 IP and start with 1 GB of traffic. It would be even frustrating if some website or URLs have been blocked by the Government in your country. This is where the proxy servers are best for this purpose. In this post, we have featured Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers In 2023.

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