Kiss Her the Right Way and She’ll be “Opening Her Doors” For You

Can great kissing actually lead to hot sex

So you had a wonderful date and you wonder why she never wants to talk to or see you ever again. Everything went exceptionally well…. except for the all-important kiss, that is. Many guys look past kissing as an effective seduction tool. Kissing a woman the right way will open her doors… literally. A man’s idea of kissing is shoving his tongue down a woman’s throat. Swapping spit and making her feel as if she is about to regurgitate is not a woman’s idea of a great kiss. Let me tell you if you are not kissing your woman the right way, you are losing points and will cause her to cringe at the mere mention of your name.

On the other hand , if you kiss a woman the right way, it can lead to hot, steamy sex. Kissing a woman the right way is the ultimate form of seduction. For women, kissing is highly emotional, so you have to play on that emotion. Instead of her backing away from and saying “I guess I’ll see you around” at the end of the date, she will be saying, “Do you want to come inside for a drink?” if you kiss her right . And we all know what that means.

Bottom line… A great kiss can lead to sex.

Now how would you rate yourself as a kisser? Are you one of those guys who shoves his tongue down a girl’s throat? Are you an average kisser? Or are you a great kisser? I ask you this because you need to know where you stand and what skills you should work on.

Oral hygiene is paramount

Before you start opening your mouth and attempt to kiss her, please be sure you have fresh breath. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with horrible breath. Do all the basic things to assure yourself of fresh, clean breath:


  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Brush your teeth with Colgate Total toothpaste
  • Floss after every meal
  • Use mouthwash
  • Brush your tongue
  • Keep Listerine strips handy
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Drink lots of water
  • Buy BreathRx gum and mints

Setting up the perfect kiss


Girls are emotional creatures, so you must make sure the first kiss is a memorable one. One of the best ways to o this is to set up the perfect moment. I suggest you kiss her when no one is around. Not only will this give you privacy, it will allow things to get hot and heavy–assuming you kiss her the right way.

Once you sense the moment is right, just slowly lean in for the kiss. Lean your head slightly to the left or right so your noses don’t touch. Keep eye contact with her mouth until your lips meet with hers to prevent any awkward nose-to-nose or teeth collision.
Slow down when kissing the woman you are with for the first time until you adapt to the speed that she likes. The speed she likes may be fast or slow, but you can’t go wrong apk 918kiss download if you start off by kissing slowly then pick up speed as you go.

Kissing variations

An open mouth kiss is different from a French kiss in that no tongue is involved. You are just opening your mouth and sucking and rubbing your partners lips with your lips. Take a look at any soap opera kissing scene for a clearer understanding. Those guys are the best kissers in the world and they never use any tongue. All kisses should start with an open mouth kiss and transition into a French kiss.
When French kissing, you are still kissing with an open mouth, but your mouth is opened much wider to allow your tongue to touch with your partner’s tongue.

While French kissing, you should just place the tip of your tongue on her tongue–don’t go over board and try to squeeze your entire tongue into her mouth.
Another French kissing tip is to slowly slide your tongue over her lips. This can be exhilarating if done properly.

It’s simple…

You should start with an open mouth kiss… kissing her upper or lower lip with your two lips. Then after that, you should open your mouth a bit wider and slowly slide your tongue into her mouth. The key is not to be sloppy (i.e. too much saliva). If you must, pull away slightly to gather your breath.
A kiss does not necessarily have to be on her lips. You can kiss the neck, shoulders, ears, and her breasts then move right back to her lips again.


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