Steps Taken by an SEO Article Writing Service

The submission of SEO articles to article submission directories like EzineArticles is one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques. The article will have a link leading to your site at the very end. Article submission is also important in that it brings you targeted Web traffic since only those who are interested in what you have written will click on your links. You should leave SEO article writing to a professional since professionals have the necessary training, experience and tools, you will save money on an in-house team and you get to concentrate on running your business.

Proper monitoring of an SEO article writing service will only be possible if you know the steps such a service takes. Lack of proper monitoring could affect the SEO campaign negatively and it could even lead to the use of Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO tactics without your knowledge.

1) Outline: The first step is the writing of an outline. This indicates the different components the article will have and where everything will go. The first part is the heading. The article writing service will generate a heading that is captivating so that it can grab the readers’ attention. Next, the article writer will write the skeleton of the introduction by indicating the problem and how the article intends to solve it. The writer will then write the body in points form.

2) Putting meat on the outline: The SEO article writing service will then add meat to the article. Emphasis will be on the quality of the content and not the length. The body will give solutions to the problems raised in the best essay writing service reddit intro. Bulleted points are used to make reading easy. The writer will write a conclusion that discusses the major points covered at the end of the body.

3) Resource Box: The next step is the writing of a resource box. This is a section meant for direct communication with customers/clients to encourage them to take action, most commonly to encourage them to visit the website and make a purchase. Inside the resource box will be an author bio introducing the author (the website owner) and giving his/her qualifications. The resource box is where a link or links to your website will be placed.

4) Proof reading: The SEO article writing service will then check for structural, spelling, and grammatical errors.

5) Submission: The next step is submitting the article to an article submission directory. It might take a few days for the article to be accepted.

6) Monitoring: It is the responsibility of an SEO article writing service to monitor how the submitted articles are doing. There are several tools for this.

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