Have a look on some of the safety measures to be followed while dealing with electronic tools. In general, any circuit or device is designed to operate at either fixed or variable frequency. If it is operated at different frequency other than specified one then it may perform abnormally. For instance, if an AC motor is designed to operate at 60 Hz then it operates fast if the frequency is above 60 Hz and slower if the frequency is reduced. Also, changes in frequency range will result in proportional change in motor speed. In some cases, you have to deal with small capacitance with this meter to measure the reading.


There’s an on/off switch at the top of the housing, but this isn’t strictly required. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the KM601 will automatically shut down to save battery life. The housing is reasonably sturdy, and can withstand everyday bumps, dings, and drops. It also comes with a silicone cover, which provides effective protection for the screen.

Their digital multimeter, the TRMS 6000, is no exception – while it’s certainly inexpensive, there seem to be some quality control issues that significantly hamper the product. The fluke 115 comes with 6000 count LCD with a backlight which can be helpful in reading multimeters in dimly lighted areas. Its min/max/avg function can record signal behavior for you throughout the time. Which can be helpful for industrial installation and commissioning process, maintenance and signal quality checking.

The Fluke 83V Industrial Multimeter delivers accurate voltage, current, frequency and capacitance… To get a voltage reading, set touch the black probe to the GND (or -) terminal of a battery. Touch the red probe to the positive (or +) terminal the same battery. If its a 9V battery and fully charged you’ll see approximately 9 volts on the display. All of these products have good reasons to be called the best multimeters for electricians, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with any of these choices. Traditionally, multimeters measured the average value by taking the peak value and multiplying it by a reduction factor to get a solid average.

Measuring DC Voltage

A digital meter, in this situation, will show different values, and it can be difficult to take an average reading. An analog needle will waver along the scale in this situation, and a careful observer can estimate the average value. Class 2 appliances have two layers of insulation, which is why they’re also called double insulated appliances.

The display on an analog meter consists of a variety of scales with different values. If you don’t know the proper way to read the values, it will be difficult to use the meter. With digital meters, it’s quite easy, as you get a number displayed as well as the measurement units. It can be quite challenging to determine the below-zero values on an analog device. In general, digital multimeters display more accurate readings than their analog counterparts.

The Klein Tools MM400 multimeter offers a great blend of features at an attractive price. This tool can measure resistance as well as AC voltage and DC voltage power at a maximum of 600 volts and up to 10 amps. Beyond the basics, the MM400 can also measure temperature, capacitance and frequency. For added convenience, this multimeter features automatic ranging and comes with test leads and a thermocouple with the required adapter. UEI multimeter -battery indicator and an easily accessible battery compartment for quick changes are included, too.

It can measure resistance, alternating and direct current, voltage, and frequency. It has a continuity check and a diode test, allowing the current to run in one direction. This device also includes handy features like a backlight, hold, and max functions. This Crenova model comes with the typical point probes, a pair of alligator clip test leads, and a nice storage case to keep it protected in your tool bag.

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