Top 3 Tips to Building a Delivery Work Team

Some people who take on delivery work – especially novice drivers – may entertain ideas of upward mobility that may be a little out of touch with reality. But haulers, like those in other businesses, are subject to the same demands, challenges and trials as everyone else, and it’s not just as easy as getting from A to B and job done! However, those keen to get ahead in this lucrative industry and intend growing their fleet to encompass other employees can use these basic tips to get things right from the get-go.

Keep Good Records

Haulage companies that go out of their way to follow regulations and have a track record to show for it make life much easier for themselves. The fact of the matter is that being a good citizen, following the rules and complying with the requirements of delivery work goes a very long way as texas alcohol delivery  far as a company’s reputation and efficiency are concerned. Make following the rules an integral part of your organisation’s culture and ethos, and being safe and efficient will also become second nature to your employees. After all, the regulations are there for one reason: to ensure safety for everyone.

Make Road Safety Awareness an Absolute Must

The very nature of delivery work lies in the transportation of goods from one point to another; in truth, most of that can be spent dodging traffic, negotiating bad weather conditions and navigating unfamiliar roads. But no driver can do their best if their equipment is not up to it. Conducting regular, pre-trip inspections of all vehicles is a must – not only to ensure the driver’s safety, but also that of the cargo and other motorists on the road. Among the most important items to be checked should be evidence of any leakage of fuel, water or oil, and ensuring the lights, steering and brakes are all working properly. Aside from that, drivers also need to remain abreast of any weather changes – if there’s any impending inclement weather, they need to be updated so they can make the best decisions on the road.

Keep Employees Drug and Alcohol Free

Illicit drug and alcohol use can eat into a company’s stability, integrity and efficiency from the inside and even inadvertently give your organisation an unwanted stigma. As delivery work demands a high level of safety, there is no place on the road for drug or alcohol use – and you should instil a zero tolerance policy within your company. Any driver who contravenes the law or, worse, causes an accident, also implicates their employer by default. It should be mandatory that your employees be regularly subjected to routine drug and alcohol testing. (It may increase the accuracy of the tests if they are performed randomly or as part of a surprise inspection.)


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