Two Professions Can Be Learned in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft you are allowed to learn two professions. It is best if these professions compliment each other, Such as Jewel crafting and Mining, Alchemy and Herbalism or Skinning and Leather working. You can always unlearn a profession but if you decide to pick it up again you will have to start from the beginning.

The profession of Leathworking can be used to create  Buy wow gold a large assortment of World of Warcraft items. Armor , armor kits, bags to carry additional items, to name a few of the things that can be made. These items can then be sold at auction houses for a nice profit.

After you choose a profession, lets say Leatherworking in this case. Open your abilities book and drag the Leatherworking icon to your action bar. All of the recipes will be listed out for you, each recipe will show the items that you need to make that item.

So now it is time to make something. I will use Light Leather Pants for this example. To create Light Leather Pants it will take 10 pieces of Light Leather Fine Thread and one piece of Cured Light Hide. The 10 pieces of Light Leather comes from animals that you have skinned. The Fine Thread can be bought from a Leatherworking supply vendor. The Cured Light Hide is made from a piece of LIght Leather and salt that is combined. After the necessary items are placed together in the recipe window click combine and the Light Leather Pants will be created. The item can then be worn or sold at an auction house.


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